LogView 7.2

LogView allows you to view graphic logs created with LogPlot application
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LogView is an efficient application which you can use to view graphic logs created with LogPlot application and which are saved in .lpt file format. LogPlot and LogView applications are usually used by geologists in the graphic representations of the analyses of different soil types.

Besides allowing you to open .lpt files, LogView can also be used to resize the files and make the necessary adjustments in order to print them perfectly. Moreover, it allows you to easily move from one page to another when dealing with large documents. You can write the number of the page you need to view in the small box of the window which appears as you click on "Select the page to display" icon.

The Magnify function, on the other hand, acts like a magnifying glass, allowing you to view different parts of a page, which are very small and difficult to read. You can change the size of the magnification area by dragging its edges and corners to fit the size you need.

All in all, LogView is a useful tool for geologists or engineers who are working with LogPlot software or who need to open or print files created with this software. It is easy to use and it fits the purpose it was created for through its simple functions.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • Quick visualization of .lpt files
  • The possibility to adjust page size to obtain perfect printed documents


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